Month: May 2017

Lesson 43: SEO link Building – website SEO Tutorial

The term "link building" refers to manually building DoFollow backlinks to a domain to increase their reputation on Google, to drive traffic to the page, and to increase rankings. Another term for link building is "link building". One differentiates between several types of link construction. Topic Overview Active link setup Passive link construction Outgoing links [...]

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Lesson 14: Subdomains – Website SEO Tutorial

Subdomains look similar to normal domains, only one domain name  can have any number of subdomains, and all subdomains accept the TLD of the second-level domain (domain name). Within a subdomain, separate folder directories can be created and arbitrarily designed, since a subdomain represents a completely delimited area. Subdomains look like this: http: // www. SubDomain [...]

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