Month: November 2017

Lesson 6 – Variables in PHP

A fundamental concept of any programming language is variables. Variables in PHP can contain values of any kind, such as simple lines or texts, but also more complex structures such as lists or even images. In this section, you will learn the basics of how to use variables in PHP, how to use them, how to expect [...]

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Lesson 5 – Comments in PHP

Comments in PHP are not executed by the PHP interpreter, but are skipped by it instead. They serve as programmers to make your code easier to understand. You can, as the name says, comment on your program code, that is, explain what functions individual sections of the program have. Defining comments in PHP To insert a comment [...]

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Lesson 4 – How to Echo text in php

You can output a text in PHP using the language construct echo . Create a new file (eg hello.php ) for the first example and save the following text in it: <? Php echo "Hello World" ; ?> If you want to run the file locally, you need to save it in the htdocs folder of your XAMPP installation. More information in our article First [...]

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