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PHP Lesson 21: How to create Fuctions Example

php functions So far, we have mainly used functions that provide PHP. This tutorial is about writing and using your own functions. Often you have a certain programming problem that occurs in several places, for example, you want to calculate values of a certain mathematical function in several places of your scripts. Here every time to copy [...]

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PHP Lesson 20: How to set PHP Session Example – session_start(), session_destroy(),session_start()

php session HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning information is not cached between the various views of a visitor. This is, of course, impractical if we need to store certain information about a visitor, for example, which username he logged in with. To solve this, you use PHP sessions. Technical background - PHP Session Sessions give you [...]

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PHP Lesson 19: Search and replace strpos(), strlen(), str_replace(), str_ireplace()

With PHP you can also search texts, and replace certain characters/words with another text. If you want to check if some text is contained in another text, you can use the function strpos($text, $searchtext) at. This returns the position of the first occurrence if the searched text exists. If the text does not exist, false is returned. <?Php $text = "This [...]

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