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PHP Lesson 10 – Comparison operators

Comparison operators Comparison operators in PHP allow you to compare values and variables. For example, they can be used to check whether a variable has a specific value, for example. operator Name explanation $a == $b Equal This comparison is true if $a and $b contain the same value. If the types of variables are different, they will be [...]

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PHP Lesson 9 – Conditional if, if else statements

if elsestatement So far, PHP has not had much of an advantage over HTML. This will change now with the if statement. With if we can check whether certain conditions are met or not met. The skeleton for an if statement in PHP looks like this: <?php if(condition) { Statements } ?> The condition to be checked is placed in parentheses immediately after [...]

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Lesson 6 – Variables in PHP

A fundamental concept of any programming language is variables. Variables in PHP can contain values of any kind, such as simple lines or texts, but also more complex structures such as lists or even images. In this section, you will learn the basics of how to use variables in PHP, how to use them, how to expect [...]

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