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Menu: Bottom navigation Bar (kotlin/java) Example.

Today we will discover a new way of making menus in Android. Menu: Bottom Navigation Bar Our new menu is called Bottom Navigation Bar. And you will see that this name represents very well the graphics rendering. Menu: Bottom navigation Bar kotlin java As you can see in the picture above: the menu is at the bottom [...]

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Lesson 49: – Package and Import – kotlin Programming language

The packages allow us to group classes, functions, objects, constants, etc. In a namespace for ease of use and maintenance. The packages group functionalities on a specific topic, for example, functionalities for the access to database, visual interfaces, data encryption, access to files, communications on the web, etc. Packages are a very effective way of organizing [...]

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Lesson 46 – List and MutableList in Kotlin Programming Language

A list is an ordered collection of data. An item can be retrieved by the position in the collection. We can create in Kotlin both immutable and mutable lists. Creation of an unchanging list. Problem 1 Create an unchanging list with the days of the week. Test the main properties and methods for managing the list. Project173 [...]

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Lessn 45 – Kotlin programming language Collections

Kotlin provides a wide range of classes for managing collections of data. We have already seen some of the classes that allow managing collections: For basic data types (optimized) ByteArray ShortArray LongArray FloatArray DoubleArray BooleanArray CharArray For any type of data: Array List MutableList Map MutableMap Set MutableSet We already worked on previous concepts with [...]

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Lesson 42 – Overloading operators in Kotlin Programming Language

The Kotlin language allows certain operators to be overloaded and to act in different ways according to the object that is applied. Operator overloading should be used as long as it makes sense for the class being deployed. Mathematical concepts of vectors and matrices are cases where the overload of operators can make our code more [...]

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