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Freelance programmer & developer: how to be productive

productive Freelance programmer & developer Among the advantages of working as a freelance programmer & developer, there is certainly the possibility to organize work in a completely autonomous way, managing time, space and commitment dedicated to the profession. Unfortunately, however, the market for these professionals is very complex and, to ensure sufficient revenue, we often find [...]

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5 Kotlin features for Android development you need.

5 Kotlin features for Android development you need. Before talking about the characteristics of Kotlin, to remember a bit, Kotlin is a new programming language developed by JetBrains, like Java, Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language. Let's go with the Kotlin Features for Android development 1. Import of static design One of the most repeated codes in [...]

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Top 10 Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2018/2019

We started 2018 with much desire to continue learning programming languages. One more year towards a great growth within the Software industry. top 10 popular programming languages Before starting to talk about the best programming languages, I wanted to tell you that Microsoft announced a new one called Q#, so welcome Q# (pronounced q-sharp), a new programming language aimed at developing applications [...]

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Introduction to Android layouts and all the components.

Layouts, organize our views The prerequisite for this tutorial is the knowledge of layouts resources, allowing us to describe our views in Android. Let's start to see now, the main components, also called Widgets, that will allow us to organize our views in different ways. LinearLayout This container will organize its elements in line, horizontal or [...]

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Menu: Bottom navigation Bar (kotlin/java) Example.

Today we will discover a new way of making menus in Android. Menu: Bottom Navigation Bar Our new menu is called Bottom Navigation Bar. And you will see that this name represents very well the graphics rendering. Menu: Bottom navigation Bar kotlin java As you can see in the picture above: the menu is at the bottom [...]

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PHP Lesson 19: Search and replace strpos(), strlen(), str_replace(), str_ireplace()

With PHP you can also search texts, and replace certain characters/words with another text. If you want to check if some text is contained in another text, you can use the function strpos($text, $searchtext) at. This returns the position of the first occurrence if the searched text exists. If the text does not exist, false is returned. <?Php $text = "This [...]

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