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Freelance programmer & developer: how to be productive

productive Freelance programmer & developer Among the advantages of working as a freelance programmer & developer, there is certainly the possibility to organize work in a completely autonomous way, managing time, space and commitment dedicated to the profession. Unfortunately, however, the market for these professionals is very complex and, to ensure sufficient revenue, we often find [...]

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PHP Lesson 19: Search and replace strpos(), strlen(), str_replace(), str_ireplace()

With PHP you can also search texts, and replace certain characters/words with another text. If you want to check if some text is contained in another text, you can use the function strpos($text, $searchtext) at. This returns the position of the first occurrence if the searched text exists. If the text does not exist, false is returned. <?Php $text = "This [...]

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Using Android ViewStub to improves layout performance

Using ViewStub on Android improves layout performance. In Android development, Android ViewStub is the technology we have to contact to display. Often, as more and more complex View View, the overall layout of the performance will decline. Here introduced in some scenarios to enhance Layout performance View, it is ViewStub. what is Android ViewStub? ViewStub [...]

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Android source compilation with android studio

Android source compilation with android studio Android source compiler best tutorial is a little bit Operating google official step, http://source.android.com/ . But in the actual process there are always some pit. Download or compile the source suggest using 64-bit ubuntu12.04 or 14.04 This can guarantee the same and the official environment, to avoid the unpredictable problems, window [...]

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Several useful new features in Android Studio 2.2

Android Studio 2.2 preview provides several new toys, very useful, as follows: Espresso Test Recorder Dependencies Management APK analyzer View the merged sources for AndroidManifest.xml Espresso Test Recorder Espresso is a UI unit testing framework, Test Recorder is the name suggests is used to record UI unit testing tools, it contains a few functions: Record the [...]

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A common memory leak in Android

A common memory leak in Android Although the mobile phone memory is increasing, but Android in order to achieve different applications running isolation, and will not affect each other, so the single application can make use of the maximum memory limit. Limit the size of different mobile devices and ROM may not be the same. Such [...]

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