Month: August 2017

Lesson 39: Lambda Expression with Array Data Types

We saw in previous concepts that for the basic types; Byte, Short, Int, Long, Float, Double, Char and Boolean we have a series of classes to define arrays of these types: ByArray, ShortArray, IntArray, LongArray, FloatArray, DoubleArray, CharArray and BooleanArray. We saw how to create for example an array of 3 integers and its subsequent [...]

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Lesson 37: – Higher Order Functions in kotlin

Kotlin is an object-oriented language but introduces features in functional languages that allow us to create a clearer and more expressive code. One of the characteristics of the functional programming paradigm is the higher order functions. The higher order functions are functions that can receive as parameters other functions and/or return them as results. We [...]

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Lesson 35: declaration and implementation of interfaces in Kotlin

An interface declares a series of methods and properties that must be implemented later by one or more classes, also an interface in Kotlin may have implemented methods. The interfaces come to replace the impossibility of multiple inheritances in Kotlin. It uses the same syntax as inheritance to indicate that a class implements an interface. [...]

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