Month: February 2019

Python is mostly used with Javascript than any other languages

The Python Software Foundation and JetBrains, a company that develops several open source IDEs, have conducted a survey on Python developer preferences titled Python Developers Survey. The sample analyzed by the two teams consists of more than 20 thousand developers operating in 150 different countries. The report analyzes in depth the state of the Python ecosystem, from the most used [...]

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Freelance programmer & developer: how to be productive

productive Freelance programmer & developer Among the advantages of working as a freelance programmer & developer, there is certainly the possibility to organize work in a completely autonomous way, managing time, space and commitment dedicated to the profession. Unfortunately, however, the market for these professionals is very complex and, to ensure sufficient revenue, we often find [...]

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Golang developers are the highest paid in the USA – 2019 Tech Salary Report

Golang - highest paid in usa Golang. The software development industry is constantly evolving and is certainly one of the most relevant for many markets. Above all, programmers abroad are a very well-paid category, particularly as regards the development of certain types of applications and services. Recently it was published by Dice, a company that deals [...]

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