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Introduction to Android layouts and all the components.

Layouts, organize our views The prerequisite for this tutorial is the knowledge of layouts resources, allowing us to describe our views in Android. Let's start to see now, the main components, also called Widgets, that will allow us to organize our views in different ways. LinearLayout This container will organize its elements in line, horizontal or [...]

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Menu: Bottom navigation Bar (kotlin/java) Example.

Today we will discover a new way of making menus in Android. Menu: Bottom Navigation Bar Our new menu is called Bottom Navigation Bar. And you will see that this name represents very well the graphics rendering. Menu: Bottom navigation Bar kotlin java As you can see in the picture above: the menu is at the bottom [...]

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Save items – SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Example

Introduction to SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Save items – SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Under Android, it is common to want to save an element, for example, the name of the connected user, or for example a string list. We have in this case several methods: SharedPreferences Write to a file Save to a database I will not go into the details [...]

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Touchqode: Programming with your Android and ios smartphone

Touchqode is one of the few (or indeed very few) free editors for coding through smartphones ; We talk about a specially optimized application for displays and keyboards of portable devices that tries to make it simpler a task that is not usually as convenient as cell phone editing; In short, if you already write an SMS in certain circumstances it may [...]

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Sp and dp units in Android

A few simple observations about what metrics are used in Android to define the width of buttons, the size of the text etc. One of the questions the students often ask is whether it is necessary to use pixels to set the width of the different elements present in a View layout. Android Well, the [...]

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Features – Properties – Advantages of Kotlin Programming Language over other languages

This is the big announcement of the Google I/O 2017, the Kotlin language is now officially supported for the development of Android applications. This choice is partially acclaimed by the Android developer community but it is also a strategic choice of Google. Indeed because of the series of trials on the use of the Java [...]

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