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PHP Lesson 20: How to set PHP Session Example – session_start(), session_destroy(),session_start()

php session HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning information is not cached between the various views of a visitor. This is, of course, impractical if we need to store certain information about a visitor, for example, which username he logged in with. To solve this, you use PHP sessions. Technical background - PHP Session Sessions give you [...]

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PHP Lesson 19: Search and replace strpos(), strlen(), str_replace(), str_ireplace()

With PHP you can also search texts, and replace certain characters/words with another text. If you want to check if some text is contained in another text, you can use the function strpos($text, $searchtext) at. This returns the position of the first occurrence if the searched text exists. If the text does not exist, false is returned. <?Php $text = "This [...]

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PHP Lesson 18 – How to Send e-mails with PHP

php The email function of PHP is very handy because it allows us to send form data or create entire newsletter scripts. You can also use this procedure for a guestbook, for example, if you receive an email when someone enters the guestbook. Important If you perform this function on your computer, you will normally receive [...]

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