Author: Coding_Robort

A common memory leak in Android

A common memory leak in Android Although the mobile phone memory is increasing, but Android in order to achieve different applications running isolation, and will not affect each other, so the single application can make use of the maximum memory limit. Limit the size of different mobile devices and ROM may not be the same. Such [...]

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Style settings in android listview properties

Style settings in android listview properties. In Android, ListView and its properties (headerDividersEnabled, choiceMode, footerDividersEnabled, dividerHeight, divider, entries etc) is the most commonly used control, UI design done, many people want to be able to change its background, so that he can meet the overall UI design, change the background back is very simple just [...]

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How to set textview custom font using Android studio

Android textview custom font - system built-in fonts Android system itself built some fonts, android studio textstyle font, you can use in the program, and support the configuration custom font android xml when the font to modify the style. Android textview custom font, Italic three kinds of style, built-in normal, sans, serif, monospace, several fonts (measured in [...]

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