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The 5 best artificial intelligences (ai) tools for a web developer

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The 5 best artificial intelligences (ai) tools for a web developer

robort - 2023-06-03 03:02:39

The rapid progress of the digital transition and the growing demand for websites and web applications that follow contribute to the need for web developers to make their workflows more efficient
To be as competitive as possible in the current market, a computer programmer today must concentrate not only on the quality of his work but also on productivity. 
Various cutting-edge technological tools, such as artificial intelligence, can help in this. 

Some are specifically designed to improve code quality, while others are useful for reducing the time you spend on emails or managing your day more effectively. 
They can, therefore, simplify the days for both experienced programmers and developers at the beginning of their careers. 
In this article, we will present five examples of artificial intelligence to try to increase your productivity as a web developer.


1. DeepCode

As the name suggests, DeepCode is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed precisely to write code and help programmers in carrying out their daily tasks. It is an open-source platform that offers suggestions for improving code quality and security
Provides users with warnings of potentially serious problems and suggestions for fixing bugs or optimizing the code. 
DeepCode AI can be integrated with development environments frequently used by every web developer, such as GitHubVisual Studio Code, and Jira

Among the programming languages which it supports, we find the JavaScript language, the Python language, the Java language, and the C# language. 
Through machine learning technology, it is then able to read existing code, learning from it and improving the suggestions offered over time.


2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot built by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence technology to provide responses similar to what you would get from a person. Based on the context and the suggestions provided by users, it can create conversations not far from those that could be had with another human being. 
It has at its disposal a wealth of information pertinent to a number of different fields making it a useful tool for many different purposes, including finding information relating to a computer programming project. For example, a web developer can use ChatGPT to ask questions about the code he has written and solve problems that have arisen during the creation of a website

Among the other tasks that this chatbot is able to perform, we find translations, summaries, and answers to questions. It can, therefore, be used to automate repetitive actions, improve customer service or create content. 
Furthermore, it is possible to add ChatGPT to websites and web applications through the OpenAI API.


3. Notion AI

Moving on to the tools designed primarily to increase the productivity of those who use them, we find Notion AI, an artificial intelligence that combines the functions of software for task management, notes, and project management
Among the operations it can carry out are the summary of texts, the creation of articles for blogs, the resolution of mathematical problems, and the translation from one language to another. It is also able to write JavaScript code based on user requests
A handy feature of Notion AI is the ability to create notes, to-do lists, databases, and more in one tool and easily link them together. For a website developer it can, therefore, simplify collaboration with a team of colleagues, helping to share all the information relevant to a project on a single platform. 

Through built-in artificial intelligence, this tool provides users with important information about created pages, upcoming deadlines and tasks, and team members, helping them to better manage their time. Notion AI offers both free and paid options.


4. SuperHuman

Email management is an activity that steals time from the most important tasks for a web developer and which, however, cannot be neglected. SuperHuman is an artificial intelligence tool that can prioritize the most urgent emails, automatically divide them into categories and summarize their contents. 
It also allows you to schedule the sending of emails, postpone them, or trace the actions related to them. Through a minimalistic interface, it helps users focus on the most important messages and provides good customization options such as filters and templates. 
SuperHuman therefore helps programmers reduce the workload related to email management while maintaining timely and effective communications with colleagues and customers.


5. Pitch

Although not one of the central activities for a web developer, in different phases of a project it may be necessary to present your ideas or the results achieved to your team or customers. 
Pitch makes itself useful in these situations, helping through artificial intelligence technology to create good presentations. It is, for example, able to optimize slides, improving their design and making them easier to read

It also offers a coaching function to present your ideas in public in a coherent and effective way. You can then use Pitch to share the presentation with the rest of the team and collaborate seamlessly and in real-time
It is available in a web version and for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android platforms, with free and paid plans.


Integrating one or more of these AI-powered tools into your workflows will help web developers be more productive by limiting distractions, optimizing the management of their tasks, and thus focusing on the quality of their code.

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