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Salesforce powers Slack with AI: Slack GPT arrives

robort - 2023-06-03 09:44:18

Salesforce, like the other big names in IT, is focusing heavily on integrating artificial intelligence within its applications. On the occasion of the Salesforce World Tour Milan, the multinational anticipated all the innovations in terms of AI, starting with EinsteinGPT, the one integrated into the CRM. 

Salesforce also owns Slack, a company it acquired in the summer of 2021, and has announced an important new feature for the popular messaging platform as well: the introduction of SlackGPT.

Slack GPT, the generative AI lands on the Salesforce communication platform

As you might guess from the name, Slack GPT is the generative AI built into the wildly popular Slack. It can be used to communicate faster and more effectively, for example by making meeting minutes automatically, or by getting suggestions on how to improve the tone of your messages. 
Users will then be able to create even complex workflows in no-code mode, without having to write a line of code. The AI ​​will follow the user step by step in the workflow creation process. 

An interesting aspect is that, as in the case of Einstein GPT for Salesforce, users will be able to choose the Large Language Model (LLM) they prefer, relying on those already developed by large companies (OpenAI and Anthropic, for example) or one of their choice. 

Einstein GPT will also be available soon for Slack, which will bring insights deriving directly from the CRM into the communication platform. 

Uses of Slack GPT

Salesforce has outlined some of the possible uses of Slack GPT depending on your business function. Those who work in the sales department will be able to quickly generate reports and messages for leads and prospects, while those involved in assistance will be able to query the AI ​​to find solutions to customer problems faster. 
Furthermore, for those who work in marketing, the integration of AI can be a real boon, since it automates the generation of copy, texts for blogs, email marketing campaigns, but also the creation of images, which can be generated via prompts. 

"The potential for generative AI is enormous when it comes to redefining the way work is done and driving ever-increasing business productivity," said Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack. "The real power of this technology comes when AI is able to analyze and act on the most valuable data coming from a company's most trusted asset: its internal knowledge ".


Slack GPT is currently in beta and is not currently available yet. 
However, there is Claude, an AI based on Anthropic's model that can assist users in writing messages and summarizing meetings on the platform. 

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