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Apple prohibits (ban) its employees from using ChatGPT. Here Why

robort - 2023-06-03 08:45:17

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preventing employees from using ChatGPT and other third-party AI platforms similar to OpenAI's chatbot. The news was reported after Apple released an internal memo banning the use of generative AIs for work. The motivation should be linked to Apple's development of a proprietary AI platform.

Quite strange if we think that the news was released right after Apple announced the arrival of the official ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad.

The company is therefore concerned that employees working on this technology could accidentally reveal confidential information. In addition to ChatGPT, Apple has also banned its employees from using GitHub's Copilot, which is owned by Microsoft. With Copilot, developers can automate coding.

Apple isn't the only company keeping their employees away from ChatGPT, we've also previously seen large companies like JP Morgan and Verizon restrict their workforce from using the AI ​​platform. For example, Amazon also asked its engineers to use its own internal artificial intelligence tool rather than third-party ones, according to WSJ sources.

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