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Bing Chat is also your assistant, friend and playmate

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Bing Chat is also your assistant, friend and playmate

robort - 2023-05-26 10:37:01

The first stages of testing Bing Chat , the version of Microsoft 's search engine animated by the ChatGPT chatbot , have brought out some new details about how the platform works. The most recent details in this regard concern, for example, the possibility of using the #mode flag to change the way in which the service provides the answers.

Specifically, the selectable modes would be fourat the moment : Assistant , Friend , Game and Sidney . Currently the latter cannot be used by all those, for now few, who can access Bing Chat. In fact, these are options reserved for developers and some internal testers at the Redmond House.

"Assitant" should have the task of replacing us in certain tasks, for example by sending an e-mail message or booking an airplane flight. "Friend" instead should be a more "friendly" way, thanks to which to call into question the Artificial Intelligence for more personal or confidential matters.

As for "Game", Bing Chat should turn into a real playmate, for example by offering us pastimes. Finally, "Sidney" should be the most traditional way of interacting, in which the user asks questions to the system and the system provides its answers in natural language.

It is good to remember that in the past few hours Bing Chat has been updated to not support more than 50 questions per day and 5 for the same session from the same user, this because it would have been observed that in the presence of too long conversations the Artificial Intelligence would tend to be repetitive and in some cases generate confusing output.

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