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Here is ChatDOC the assistant for reading files based on ChatGPT, pdf, doc

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Here is ChatDOC the assistant for reading files based on ChatGPT, pdf, doc

robort - 2023-06-06 11:11:02

Reading long and complex documents can be a challenge for anyone. Whether it's research articles, books, or manuals, finding the information you need can take a lot of time and effort. But what if we could just ask the doc a question and get an immediate response with cited sources? This is what makes ChatDOC a file reading assistant based on ChatGPT, the key artificial intelligence model of recent times that generates texts starting from an input. But let's find out in detail how it works and what are its advantages of ChatDOC.

What is ChatDOC and how does it work

ChatDOC is a reading assistant that leverages artificial intelligence, it can quickly extract, locate and summarize information from documents. The site in a few moments is able to understand the texts, tables, and data inside. 
ChatDOC does not just repeat the information present in the document but interprets and synthesizes them.

Furthermore, ChatDOC answers are supported by direct quotes extracted from the files, which can be checked by clicking on the link to check the accuracy of the AI ​​interpretation.

Using ChatDOC is very simple and intuitive, in fact, just upload the document to read on the website and start chatting with it. 
You can ask any question about the uploaded file and get easy-to-understand answers in seconds. In addition, a discussion can be started to ask follow-up questions about the content, having the AI ​​clarify or expand the answer.
 A very convenient function is the possibility that ChatDOC has to work and interact on several files at the same time.

It is possible without any registration to try ChatDOC through the example files found in the initial screen, in case you want to upload your own content you need to register.


ChatDOC: here's how to use it

The website is comfortable and intuitive, it allows you to make the first tests without logging in, but only through the pre-set files present. In the case of your own content, you need to go to registration or, if you already have a profile, log in. Before understanding how to do it, it is important to underline that there are different subscriptions, in addition to the basic plan. 

The basic plan, as well as the free one, includes uploading 2 files per day, 20-page documents, and the ability to ask 20 questions per day. In case you need to work with a higher number of documents and questions, just subscribe to the paid subscription.

 Specifically, it is the "PLUS" option with the possibility of uploading 300 files, 500 pages, and asking 300 questions a day, moreover, you have access to the beta functions for a month.

In any case, the convenience of the service lies in being able to monitor the use of one's functions on the profile. 
In fact, just go to your account icon to be updated on the number of questions asked, files uploaded, or pages added. 
This allows you to keep the limits under control depending on the subscription obtained.

ChatDOC upgrade

At this point let's analyze the two methods to try or access the site, the first is through the examples that ChatBOT has made available, and the second by logging in with your account.

Here's how to use ChatBot for a first try without logging in:

  • Open your browser;
  • Type ChatBOT on the search engine;
  • Select the first result;
  • Select "Get Started" at the top right;
  • Proceed with testing through the examples on the right of the page, on the new page.

Here's how to log in with your profile:

  • Open your browser;
  • Type ChatBOT on the search engine;
  • Select the first result;
  • Select "Get Started" at the top right;
  • Click "Sign in to upload your own files", and the access page will automatically open;
  • Log in with your Google account or your ChatBOT account;
  • Use the profile as you prefer, remembering the limits of the free profile.

In case you don't have a profile you need to select “ or create an account”  under  “Sign in to Your Account” to create your account. The steps for creating the account are few and fast, it will be sufficient to proceed through these three steps “Enter Email” “Verify Email” and “Password & Sign in”

ChatDOC login

All the advantages of ChatDOC

ChatDOC offers many advantages for those who have to read complex and information-rich documents. In fact, with the site, it is possible to save time in reading documents and facilitate the process of searching for information, especially in longer texts. Halving the reading and research time allows you to increase productivity and quality of work. Especially if you are working on a large scale with research articles, financial reports, or technical manuals. In fact, it allows you to do an analysis of the data and a synthesis of the contents. Just the synthesis allows you to better understand a text or information, just think of the situations of a large number of documents to be understood, such as for those who study. It is then possible to deepen the topics with targeted questions.

The alarm bell, when it comes to artificial intelligence, is always the originality and credibility of the information. To eliminate any doubts about the veracity, ChatDOC provides direct citations of the information entered, to check the original source and also to make sure that the AI ​​interpreted the document correctly.

To summarize its functions, we can say that we have a tool at our disposal that allows us to interact with our documents, summarize several files and easily navigate through all the files.

ChatDOC upload

The files are stored in the cloud and are encrypted to ensure their security, the site ensures that it uses strict security protocols, to ensure maximum security and to protect files from potential threats.

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