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ChatGPT also arrives in Italy in the form of an app on iOS. Here's how it works

robort - 2023-06-03 09:06:31

ChatGPT for iOS officially arrives in Italy too. OpenAI, the creator of Artificial Intelligence and its chatbot has therefore kept its word and after releasing the app for over 40 countries but not Italy, today it has published ChatGPT on the AppStore for our country as well. 
We remind you that a few days after the official launch in the USA, OpenAI released the application in 40 other countries including European ones such as  France, Germany but also the United Kingdom
Until a few days ago Italy was missing, most likely after the legal problems connected with the management of privacy that had given some headaches in our country.

ChatGPT: the iOS app was also released in Italy

The ChatGPT app works pretty much like the website, with your conversation history synced between your PC and iPhone. ChatGPT Plus subscribers can access GPT-4 through the app and receive faster responses while there is a new feature compared to the website, which allows you to use voice input through OpenAI's Whisper speech recognition. 
For now, the app is only available for iPhones, so iPad users still need the desktop version. For Android users, however, you will still have to wait because the development of the app has already started but it has not yet been released, not even in the Beta version: "You are next on the list – says the release note – ChatGPT will be on your devices soon".


Specifically, know that directly from the application on the iPhone you can:

  • Have precise answers to your questions without navigating between advertisements and multiple results.
  • Personalized advice on various topics such as cooking and travel.
  • Have gift ideas, presentations or write the perfect poem
  • Improve productivity with feedback on your ideas, abstracts, and technical assistance on certain topics.
  • Get learning opportunities like exploring new languages, and learning modern history at your own pace

To download the app just go to the Apple AppStore directly from THIS PAGE.

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