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Elon Musk designs his ChatGPT

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Elon Musk designs his ChatGPT

robort - 2023-05-26 10:47:30

The South African billionaire Elon Musk , founder of Tesla and SpaceX as well as the sole owner of Twitter, was one of the promoters of the OpenAIproject , an organization born in 2015 which is responsible for the development of the generative linguistic model GPT ( Generative Pre-trained Transformer ) which allows the operation of the ChatGPT chatbot .

At the time, however, Musk decided to no longer support the initiative, this to avoid potential conflicts of interest with the other entrepreneurial and financial activities in progress.
He also remembers the alarmist statements against Artificial Intelligence publicly defined as a possible danger to the future of the human race.

Now the richest man in the world would seem to have changed his mind, at least in part, and would be busy creating his own alternative to ChatGPT. This would be demonstrated by the recent, but unofficial, recruitment of Igor Babuschkin , a researcher once employed at Alphabet (the corporation to which Goolge is a part) and in the DeepMind project.

The news is interesting because Musk's chatbot could work in a completely different way compared to those presented up to now, such as Bing Chat and Google Bard , this is because the entrepreneur has always been against AI training procedures which involve adjust the way outputs are generated.

Beyond the rumors, the person concerned has not yet confirmed the existence of this project, Musk's chatbot could also prove to be useful on a commercial level.
The possible areas of application would in fact be numerous, starting with the integration into the technology that manages Tesla cars and its autonomous driving system.

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