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ChatGPT free for WhatsApp: how to access on iPhone and Android

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ChatGPT free for WhatsApp: how to access on iPhone and Android

robort - 2023-05-30 05:43:37

We live in an age where artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it is therefore crucial to understand how to make the most of these technologies. 
In particular, ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, is a powerful tool that can be used through a web browser, by downloading the iPhone app from the App Store, or through different messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and Telegram.

chat gpt on whatsapp

Using ChatGPT on WhatsApp

To use ChatGPT on WhatsApp, there are several options available. Among these, we find:

Buddy GPT

BuddyGPT is a ChatGPT-based bot that allows you not only to have text conversations, but also to generate images. To use BuddyGPT on WhatsApp, simply visit the official BuddyGPT site and access the WhatsApp chat from there. You start by learning the bot's commands and limitations, and then you're free to interact however you like. However, it is important to note that with BuddyGPT you only receive 10 free messages and 3 image generations per month. For unlimited usage, a paid plan is available.


Another option is WizAI, a ChatGPT solution on WhatsApp. WizAI can generate all kinds of content, and you can chat with it as if it were a buddy on WhatsApp. You don't need to register or provide any other details. Basically, you get 5 free messages, and then you have to pay $2.00 a month once that limit is used up.

Shmooz AI

Shmooz AI is a bot that integrates GPT-3, acting as a mediator. It doesn't allow people to use their API, but you can easily configure Shmooz by visiting its official website. Once done, you can chat with Shmooz AI on WhatsApp as you would with ChatGPT. Note that Shmooz is a paid service with only 5 free messages. One must then sign up for a premium tier, which starts at $2.99 ​​per month and offers 100 messages per month.

chat gpt on whatsapp shmooz

ChatGPT-based keyboards in WhatsApp

In addition to specific bots, there are also keyboards that integrate ChatGPT, allowing you to exploit its capabilities directly while typing messages. Here are two of the best options out there:

Microsoft Swiftkey with Bing AI

Microsoft Swiftkey is an AI-powered keyboard that has full access to the new Bing AI features. It's not chatGPT, but it's an artificial intelligence tool developed by Microsoft. All you need to use it is a simple sign-in with a Microsoft account. Once logged in, you can tap on the Bing icon and you have the option to chat with Bing.

You can easily ask to write down anything and then copy it. It is also possible to rewrite sentences with different tones of voice. Users can choose from tones such as professional, casual, courteous, and even social posts. You can even search the Internet right from your keyboard. Microsoft's Swiftkey works smoothly with all its features and is definitely a must-try option to have ChatGPT on your WhatsApp account.

chatgpt whatsapp bing

Paragraph AI

Another popular keyboard based on ChatGPT is Paragraph AIIt is an all-in-one typing solution for mobile users. Naturally powered by AI, Paragraph makes it easy for users to write, respond, and improve their writing. Paragraph AI is a multilingual AI keyboard and therefore it supports all kinds of language inputs.

The keyboard allows users to easily write all types of content, including essays and emails, propose different formats, and more. You can also enter an email or a piece of text, and the ChatGPT keyboard will create a reply or propose corrections instantly. 
Like Microsoft Swiftkey, just switch to the keyboard and tap the option you want to use. You will receive an answer in less than a minute.

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