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How to use ChatGPT on Telegram: guide for iPhone and Android

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How to use ChatGPT on Telegram: guide for iPhone and Android

robort - 2023-05-30 06:05:08

In an increasingly digitized world, enhancing technological skills is of paramount importance. OpenAI, with its ChatGPT chatbot, is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. This article focuses on how to use ChatGPT on Telegram, the popular messaging platform. We will explore the solutions offered by BuddyGPT, Roger da Vinci, and ChatGPT Bot.

ChatGPT: how to access from Telegram

First, let's focus on BuddyGPT. This chatbot, based on the OpenAI GPT language model, can be integrated into Telegram by following a few simple steps. By visiting the BuddyGPT website, it is possible to access the "Try for free on Telegram" function and, subsequently, start the bot on Telegram itself. BuddyGPT responds almost instantly due to the low number of requests for this tool. However, this solution only supports 15 free messages per month, with an optional subscription offering unlimited messages and GPT-4 image generation.

Next up is Roger da Vinci, an AI chatbot offering free use of ChatGPT on TelegramTo use Roger da Vinci, you need to visit the UseRoger website and follow the steps for logging into Telegram. Once registration is complete, users can chat freely with Roger, receiving replies quickly. Roger comes with several features, including writing poetry and essays, answering questions, and generating code.

Finally, we have the ChatGPT Bot, created by the Venezuelan developer Gregori Piñeres. This unofficial ChatGPT bot allows you to access the GPT-3 language model and interact with artificial intelligence. Despite offering 30 free messages per day, with the option to increase to 100 messages per day through a Premium Subscription, ChatGPT Bot provides simple and effective access to ChatGPT on Telegram.

Impact and Privacy Considerations

Considering the ease of access and intuitive interaction, these solutions offer enormous possibilities for the entry of artificial intelligence into daily messaging chats. However, it is important to remember that while highly innovative and useful, the use of these chatbots should be accompanied by an adequate awareness of privacy. For example, Roger da Vinci offers users the ability to access, correct, and delete their personal data, limiting their processing and requesting their portability.

The ability to use ChatGPT on Telegram, thanks to BuddyGPT, Roger da Vinci, and ChatGPT Bot, offers users a new level of interaction with artificial intelligence. This marks an important step towards the widespread implementation of AI in our daily lives, with all the implications and opportunities that this brings.

The use of ChatGPT on Telegram is not limited to mere human-AI interaction: its potential lies in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from software development, education, creative problem solving, and beyond.

For example, developers can use ChatGPT as a programming assistant, generating pieces of code on demand. Teachers and students can leverage AI to enhance the learning experience, getting immediate answers to complex questions. Businesses can use ChatGPT to improve customer service efficiency by providing immediate answers to customer questions.

Despite the potential, it must be remembered that AI is not infallible. Even though machine learning models are constantly evolving and improving, they can still produce inaccurate or misleading results. It is therefore essential to have a critical and thoughtful approach when using AI.

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