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The best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT

robort - 2023-06-06 08:00:50

ChatGPT is the phenomenon of the moment, arrived at the end of 2022 to trigger a revolution with artificial intelligence. The AI-enhanced text generator developed by OpenAI is in fact conquering insiders and the simple curious, who are progressively testing all its infinite potential.

For some, it is the future of the creation of written works, for others a mere utopia destined to collide with all the limits and problems of the case.

The fact is that waiting for the advanced paid version, ChatGPT has already exceeded 100 million active users in a handful of months, and has prompted other companies to come forward, presenting services similar to the one produced by the non-profit organization founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. 

Not only that, this embryonic version is already perfectly integrated into Google Chrome in the form of extensions, which make our lives much easier, especially online. Do you want to discover some? Here are the top 5 ChatGPT Chrome extensions currently available.

Chat GPT Chrome Extension

Among the best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT, ChatGPT Chrome Extension certainly cannot be missing, the simplest and at the same time most complete one for the Mountain View giant's web browser. This extension brings the well-known artificial intelligence directly into Google Chrome, allowing you to use it via a quick link toolbar to immediately start a conversation with the chatbot.

Chat GPT Chrome Extension

Certainly very convenient, because we won't have to go to the OpenAI site to start ChatGPT, to which we can ask practically everything that comes to mind quickly and easily via the extension. In short, a must for Chrome users who want to try their hand at some of the most useful features of the US conversational model.


Among the extensions for Google Chrome based on ChatGPT, it is also worth mentioning WebChatGPT, which literally "explodes" the bot's functionality. By the same will of its creators, one of the great limitations of ChatGPT is in fact not having access to information on the Internet after 2021, so as to avoid it being excessively autonomous and precise.


This extension, once installed, takes care of integrating the most relevant and updated search results into the ChatGPT answers, to provide much more accurate answers. The purpose of WebChatGPT is, therefore, to unblock access to recent information and allow the bot to search for results also on the net, increasing the amount of information it is able to process in real-time.

Chat GPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is an open-source and free extension that helps us discover, share, import, and finally make the most of the best prompts available for the OpenAI home chatbot. The prompts, for the uninitiated, are nothing more than the requests to be made to the bot, collected here in a continuously updated database.

Chat GPT Prompt Genius

Not only that, this extension for Google Chrome is also able to save the entire chat history locally, so that it can be retrieved and used at a later time. The prompts can be divided into convenient categories – such as they can be for example text, images, code, and so on -, allowing us to find them easily and particularly quickly.


Merlin is the wizard of Chrome extensions for ChatGPT. Just like the sorcerer who appeared in the Legends of King Arthur, he gives us the possibility to select content from a web page at will, activate the command with the key combination Ctrl+M – for a Windows PC – or Cmd+M – if we use a Mac – to open the so-called Merlin Box and then decide what to do with that content.


Thanks to the extension it will therefore be possible to create an answer or to synthesize the chosen content, make it shorter, or even rework it in a different register, for practically limitless solutions. 
Merlin can also be used to get answers from ChatGPT perfectly synchronized with Google searches or to try your hand at the most difficult and complex Excel formulas.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google, as the name suggests, integrates artificial intelligence into the search results of Google and other search engines that we usually use to include an answer to the most frequently asked questions. For example, we can search on the Big G search engine "How to create a PDF document?" and the open source extension will return a guide elaborated by ChatGPT, together with the classic Google search results.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT 's artificial intelligence will certainly continue to evolve at a rapid pace in the coming months, as will the uses we can make of it and the extensions on Google Chrome that will enhance its capabilities. 
For the moment, we have to "settle" for these 5 excellent Chrome extensions for ChatGPT, which have already shown the many useful applications of advanced artificial intelligence in everyday life.

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