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HTML element: Span

HTML element: Span

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The span tag is an inline element, that is, when added to the page, it is inserted laterally after the other components, unlike divs that are block-type elements.

Span elements, by default, also do not have any defined visual characteristics, this needs to be done via CSS to highlight or apply special formatting to a certain part of the text.

For example, code below demonstrates the use of span in two cases. 
In the first, the tag does not have any additional attributes; in the second, we added a different look to it via CSS.

<p>This is text with a <span>
        featured snippet</span>.</p>
    This is text with a <span style="background: #1abc9c; 
border-radius:5px; padding:5px">
        featured snippet</span>.


The result can be seen in image below and, as expected, in the first case we could not see any visual difference due to the use of span.


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