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HTML Element:  Anchors called from another page.

HTML Element: Anchors called from another page.

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It is also perfectly valid to call anchors from another page (it does not matter if it is on the same site or on another)

We must know the name of the page to call and the name of the anchor, so the syntax for the anchor call is:

<a href="page2.html#introduction">Introduction</a>

That is, after the name of the page that we call, we have the character # and then the name of the anchor.

Let's make two pages and let the first call different anchors defined in the second:


<!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>Page title</title>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <h1>MySQL Tutorial</h1>
    <a href="page2.html#introduction">Introduction</a><br>
    <a href="page2.html#show databases">show databases</a><br>
    <a href="page2.html#tablecreation">Creation of a table
        and show its fields</a><br>
    <a href="page2.html#loadrecords">Loading records to a
        table and its recovery</a><br>



<!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>Page title</title>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <a name="introduction"></a>
        SQL, Structure Query Language (Structured Query Language) 
is a language
        programming to work with relational databases such
 as MySQL, Oracle,
        MySQL is a SQL interpreter, it is a database server.<br>
        MySQL allows you to create databases and tables, 
insert data, modify them, delete them,
        order them, make queries and perform many operations,
 etc., in short: manage
        Entering instructions on the command line or embedded
 in a language such as
        PHP we communicate with the server. Each statement 
must end with a semicolon
        Case sensitivity, i.e. does it make a difference
        between them, it depends on the operating system, 
Windows is not sensitive, but Linux
        Yes. For example, Windows also interprets the following
        create database administration;<br>
        Create Database administration;<br>
        But Linux will interpret the second as an error.<br>
        It is recommended to always use lowercase. It is more 
the site
        is installed on a Linux server so all the exercises
        uppercase and lowercase letters must be respected.
    <a href="page1.html">Return</a><br>
    <a name="showdatabase"></a>
    <h2>show databases</h2>
        A database is a set of tables.<br>
        A database has a name with which we will access it.<br>
        We are going to work on a database already created on the
 site, called "administration".<br>
        For the server to show us the existing databases, we request it
        sending the instruction:<br>
        show databases;<br>
        It will show us the names of the databases, it should 
appear on this site
    <a href="page1.html">Return</a><br>
    <a name="tablecreation"></a>
    <h2>Create a table and display its fields</h2>
        A database stores its data in tables.<br>
        A table is a data structure that organizes data into 
columns and rows;
        each column is a field (or attribute) and each row is a 
record. The intersection
        of a column with a row, contains a specific data, a
 single value.<br>
        Each record contains one data for each column of the table.<br>
        Each field (column) must have a name. The field name refers
        to the information it will store.<br>
        Each field (column) must also define the type of 
data it will store.<br>
    <a href="page1.html">Return</a><br>
    <a name="loadrecords"></a>
    <h2>Loading records to a table and retrieving them</h2>
        We use "insert into". We specify the names of the fields 
        parentheses and separated by commas and then the values 
​​for each field, too
        in parentheses and separated by commas.<br>
        It is important to enter the values ​​in the same order in 
which the fields are named,
        if we enter the data in another order, an error message 
does not appear and the data
        are saved incorrectly.<br>
        Note that the data entered, as they correspond to character
 string fields
        are placed in single quotes. Single quotes are REQUIRED.
    <a href="page1.html">Return</a><br>




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