Main features of  java

Features of java programming language. Java has many effective features, attracting programmers, the most important are the following:

Features of java programming language - Features of java programming language - Features of java programming language - Features of java programming language

1. Simple and effective

Features of java programming language. Java is a fairly simple “object-oriented” programming language. The Java language omits all the hard-to-understand and confusing features of the C ++ language, such as header files, pointers, structures, cells, operator overloads, and virtual base classes. It is more rigorous and concise.

2. portability

For a programmer, write out the program if you do not need to modify the same time in Windows, MacOS, UNIX and other platforms to run, is simply a dream come true! And the Java language to let the original out of reach has been getting closer. Using the Java language to write the program, as long as less modification, and sometimes even without modification can be run on different platforms.


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3. Object-oriented

It can be said that “object-oriented” is a revolution in software engineering, greatly enhance the human software development capabilities, is a great step forward, is a major milestone in the development of software.
In the past 30 years, “object-oriented” has developed by leaps and bounds, fully embodies its own value, and now has formed a contains “object-oriented system analysis”, “object-oriented system design”, “oriented Object of the program design “of the complete system. So as a modern programming language, is not able to deviate from this direction, the Java language is no exception.

4. Explanatory

When considering Features of java programming language, Java is an interpreted language, relative to the C / C + + language, the Java language to write out the program is inefficient, slow implementation. But it is through the different platforms running Java interpreter, the Java code to explain, to achieve “one write, run around” the grand goal. In order to achieve the goal, sacrifice efficiency is worth it Moreover, the current computer technology with each passing day, the operation speed is faster and faster, the user will not feel too slow.

5. Suitable for distributed computing

Features of java programming language. Java language has a powerful, easy-to-use networking capability that is well suited for developing distributed computing programs. A Java application can access a remote object through a URL as if it were a local file system.
Writing a Socket communication program in the Java language is simple and easy to use than any other language
single. And it is also very suitable for the development of public gateway interface (CGI) script, you can also use Java applet (Applet), Java server page (Java Server Page, referred to as JSP), Servlet, etc. means to build a richer web page The

6. Have better performance

As mentioned earlier, because Java is an interpreted language, so its implementation efficiency is relatively slow, but because the Java language using two means, making its performance is good.
A, Java language source program is completed, the first use of Java pseudo-compiler pseudo-compiler, will be converted to intermediate code (also known as the bytecode), and then explain;
B, provides a “quasi-real-time (JIT) compiler, when the need for faster speed, you can use the JIT compiler will byte code into machine code, and then buffer it down, This will be faster.

7. Robust, take preventive measures

Java programming language did a lot of early potential problems during the pseudo-compilation, and did some corresponding checks at run time, arguably the most rigorous “compiler”.
It’s this “take preventive measures” means that many of the errors in the program strangled in the shaking blue. Often there are many in other languages ​​must be run through the error will be exposed in the compilation phase was found.
In addition, the Java language also has a lot of guarantee program stable, robust features, effectively reducing the error, so that makes Java applications more robust. Features of java programming language.

8. With multi-threaded processing capabilities

Thread, is a lightweight process, is an indispensable design of modern features. Multi-threaded processing capabilities make the program can have better interactivity, real-time.
Java in the multi-threaded processing superior performance, with the designer to surprise the powerful features, and in the Java language for multi-threaded processing is very simple.

9. Has a high degree of security.

Security is one of the key Features of java programming language. As the Java language in the design, the security considerations are very careful, do a lot of exploration, making the Java language has become the most secure of a programming language.
Although Sun has promised: “through Java can easily build anti-virus, anti-hacker system”, but “the world is not absolutely safe,” the truth is not because of someone’s promise and loss of experience.

Shortly after the JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.0 was released, a group of security experts at Princeton University found the first error in the Java 1.0 security feature. Since then, Java security issues have begun to be concerned. But the security risks found so far are insignificant, and the Java development team also claimed that they are very concerned about the system security Bugs, will be found on these Bugs immediately repair.
And because Sun has opened the Java interpreter details, it helps through all sectors of power, common discovery, prevention, to stop these security risks.

10. is a dynamic language

Java is a dynamic language, which is reflected in the following two aspects:
A, in the Java language, you can simply and intuitively query the runtime information;
B, you can add a new code to a running program to go.

11. is a neutral structure

“The java programming language compiler generates a neutral object file format.” That is, the Java compiler will generate a “neutral” bytecode that is unrelated to any computer system after pseudo compilation.
This kind of neutral structure is not Java’s first, and the UCSD Pascal system has been done in a commercial product before Java appears, and there are precedents in this way before UCSD Pascal, which was implemented at Niklaus Wirth in Pascal Language to use this to reduce some of the performance, in exchange for better portability and versatility of the method.
Java this bytecode has been carefully designed to make it well compatible with most of today’s popular computer systems, easily interpreted on any machine, and easily translated into machine code.

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