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What is the difference between ReactJS and React Native?

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robort - 2022-10-05 06:12:30

The main differences between ReactJS and React Native are as follows:

Numbering ReactJS React Native
1 Launched in 2013. Launched in 2015.
2 For developing web applications. React Native is used to develop mobile applications.
3 Can be executed on all platforms. React Native is not platform independent. Execution on all platforms requires more effort.
4 ReactJS uses JavaScript library and CSS for animation. React Native comes with a built-in animation library.
5 ReactJS uses React-router to navigate web pages. React Native has a built-in navigator library for navigating mobile applications.
6 ReactJS uses HTML tags. React Native doesn't use HTML tags.
7 Here, the Virtual DOM renders the browser code. In this regard, Native uses its API to render code for mobile applications


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