History of Java programming language.

For the history of the development of computer language, the industry generally believe that: B language led to the birth of C language, C language evolved
The C ++ language, and the C ++ language will give way to the Java language. To better understand the Java language, you must understand that it generates
The cause of its development, and its inheritance to other languages. Like any other successful computer language before
Java inherited the advanced principles of other languages, and at the same time because of its unique environmental requirements and put forward some innovative

Introduction to java programming language - Introduction to java programming language - Introduction to java programming language - Introduction and history to java programming language

-Introduction to java programming language.

In other related topic of this java, the Java language, libraries, and applications are included in a practical perspective
Law, including a detailed introduction. In this chapter, we will introduce the background of the Java language, the development process, and make it change
Have such an important reason.
Although the Java language has been inseparable from the Internet’s online environment, the first thing that should be noted first is:
It is a programming language. The innovation and development of computer language requires two basic factors:
Adapt to changing environments and needs
Achieve the improvement and improvement of programming art
Below you will see that Java is also driven by these two factors.

-Introduction to java programming language.

The origin of Java programming language.

Java is always associated with C ++, and C ++ is derived from the C language, so the Java language inherited this
Most of the features of both languages. Java syntax is inherited from C, Java many object-oriented features by the C + + shadow
ring. In fact, several custom features in Java come from or can be traced back to its predecessor. Also, the Java language
Resulting in the past 30 years in the computer language meticulous improvement and continuous development are closely related. For these reasons, this section will follow.
Preface to the events and motivations that led to Java. As you will see the same, every language design innovation is
Because the previous language can not solve the basic problems encountered at present. Java is no exception.

-Introduction to java programming language.

The birth of modern programming language: C language.

C language production shocked the entire computer industry. Its influence should not be underestimated because it fundamentally changed
Programming methods and ideas. The production of C is a direct result of the pursuit of structured, efficient, and high-level languages.
Use it instead of assembly language development system program. When designing a computer language, often from the following aspects of the right

  • Ease of use and functionality
  • Safety and efficiency
  • Stability and scalability.

-Introduction to java programming language.

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