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Save items – SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Example

Introduction to SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Save items – SharedPreferences (kotlin/java) Under Android, it is common to want to save an element, for example, the name of the connected user, or for example a string list. We have in this case several methods: SharedPreferences Write to a file Save to a database I will not go into the details [...]

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Features of java programming language

Main features of  java Features of java programming language. Java has many effective features, attracting programmers, the most important are the following: 1. Simple and effective Features of java programming language. Java is a fairly simple "object-oriented" programming language. The Java language omits all the hard-to-understand and confusing features of the C ++ language, such [...]

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Introduction to java programming language

History of Java programming language. For the history of the development of computer language, the industry generally believe that: B language led to the birth of C language, C language evolved The C ++ language, and the C ++ language will give way to the Java language. To better understand the Java language, you must [...]

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How to set textview custom font using Android studio

Android textview custom font - system built-in fonts Android system itself built some fonts, android studio textstyle font, you can use in the program, and support the configuration custom font android xml when the font to modify the style. Android textview custom font, Italic three kinds of style, built-in normal, sans, serif, monospace, several fonts (measured in [...]

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