Oracle Fusion Technical – Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC/ICS)

Oracle Fusion Technical Oracle Integration Cloud OICICS

Oracle Cloud PaaS Technical – Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC/ICS)

What you’ll learn

  • Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
  • Integration Patterns
  • Different Inbound and Outbound Integration Use Cases
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


  • Basics of Programming
  • Knowledge of Fusion ERP specially Financials (e.g. Journal, Invoice, Receipts etc.)
  • Knowledge in Fusion Technical such as Reports, FBDI, SOAP, REST etc.
  • Fundamentals of Database

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What’s this course about?

Learn Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and dive deeper into it. Understand the Fundamentals of Integration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), XML, Design and Develop different integrations, Monitor those integration, Deploy integrations from one environment to another, Document the integration and relevant details. I have also attached a deck to help you to prepare for the interview.

What do you expect end of this course?

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the knowledge of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) ! And you will be ready for your next assignment! 🙂

A detailed list with the course content can be found below.

Who’s teaching you in this course?

My name is Raja Dutta and I am Fusion Cloud, PaaS and Fusion Middleware Consultant and I am passionate about helping more people to learn Fusion Cloud and PaaS Technologies. After receiving advices and suggestions, we are here at Udemy with our next course of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and we had lot of fun in preparing this course! Hope you too will have fun learning this course!

It’s our goal to get you started with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) as soon as possible and ensure your success. I want everyone to get benefited out of this course and to us, helping others is the best way of learning. So Let’s Learn together!