Lesson 40: DoFollow - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 40: DoFollow - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 40: DoFollow - Website SEO Tutorial - DoFollow

Meanwhile, you should know what a DoFollow link means. The rel = “dofollow” attribute on a link tells the search engine crawler to understand that this link is of high quality, the linked page is a recommendation to the visitors of the page, and that the linkjuice should be passed on.

Until a few years ago, all links were DoFollow, which was not always the search engine users, so Google introduced the nofollow attribute in 2005 (later on). Since this year, it has been open to website operators to which pages the linkjuice should be distributed and which links should be used to calculate the quality of the linked page.

This led to a phenomenon called “Linkage”, because every webmaster was suddenly afraid to lose his PageRank and his rankings by Linkjuice’s massive share. This, in turn, meant that many sites also link to sites that are relevant to visitors with nofollow and thus make Google more difficult to work.

It is a big mistake to link to nofollow, which is mainly due to two things: First, this is not absolutely natural. Secondly, Google also looks at the outbound links to determine the quality of a website and outgoing dofollow links show Google precisely in what subject area the linked page is located.

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