Lesson 10: Domains & URLs – Website SEO Tutorial

Lesson 10: Domains & URLs – Website SEO Tutorial

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Domains & URLs

You now have an overview of the different areas of search engine optimization and know that the OnPage optimization is the first step. A successful SEO campaign starts with choosing the right Domain & URL structure.

If you are involved in projects, for example for customers, you usually already have a Domain & URL that you can not change – but if you want to start a new project or start your own website, you should always take these points into consideration.

Topic:┬áDomains & URLs – Website SEO Tutorial.

Even if the domain name, top-level Domain & URL structure no longer have the same influence on the rankings at Google & Co. as it existed a few years ago, a clear orientation is essential, especially in competitive niches To be successful in the long term and to compete against the competition.



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