Lesson 20: Meta data (Information) - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 20: Meta data (Information) - Website SEO Tutorial - Lesson 20: Meta data (Information) - Website SEO Tutorial - meta data information

The meta-data plays a very important role in search engine optimization because they are located within an HTML document in the header area, so they are the first thing a crawler can see on a search engine as soon as it is on the website.

The meta title and the meta description are an important ranking factor within OnPage optimization . Like other areas of search engine optimization, the meta-metrics requirements have changed over time due to different algorithm updates from Google Websites today are not so much in line with the requirements of modern search engines, and often contain outdated meta-data.

The requirements of search engine bots to the meta details of a website are basically the same for all types of pages, but certain content is only suitable for business and company websites, while blogs and online shops should also keep an eye on the visitors’ stream.

In the following, you will learn about the most important meta-data and how to optimize it for search engines as well as for website visitors.


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