Lesson 13: Page Structure – Website SEO Tutorial

Lesson 13: Page Structure – Website SEO Tutorial

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The site structure is actually only a relatively small topic and the URL topic is not dissimilar, but I would like to take separately the two ways to design the website structure since many web designers are in this area uncertain and the different ways often also wrong be used.

The page structure of a web page should be as simple as possible to allow for a simple and fast navigation through the website and to produce short URLs. For this reason, HTML documents and frequently used files should be located in the main directory or a folder located only slightly below the main directory, while pictures, videos, or other files that are rarely needed may be stored quietly in a deeply angled directory.

Typically, the site structure is used to run multiple websites under a single domain. Multilingualism can also easily be implemented with subdomains or subdirectories for larger websites, so that these two variants still exist today.


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