Lesson 45: Passive link Building – Website SEO Tutorial

Lesson 45: Passive link Building – Website SEO Tutorial

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Passive link Building is also called in today’s search engine optimization,┬ácontent marketing. In doing so, good content is created, which is subsequently advertised on social networks and on (other) blogs, in order to reach natural backlinks. This type of backlink growth is called organic growth and is the most natural of all methods for link building.

Since backlinks from passive link building are set voluntarily and organically, these usually have a very long service life. Backlinks take some time to develop their maximum force, and when parts of the links are changed during this time, the effectiveness of the link can decrease – passively created backlinks are thus of very high quality.

The best passive link building is to run a regularly maintained and value-added blog. Blog posts and articles are ideal for social networking sites, are much more often linked to websites than sites, and rank very well in Google. Passive link building should always be operated and goes hand in hand with a well-maintained content strategy.

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