Lesson 37: Sidebar Links – Free SEO Tutorial

Lesson 37: Sidebar Links – Free SEO Tutorial

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Sidebar links are backlinks from the sidebar of a webpage. For example, in WordPress, the footer is a kind of sidebar, but Google makes a difference between these two content segments, which is why the link types have to be handled differently and arranged. Sidebar links come in different ways:

Most websites that have a sidebar with backlinks are blogs. Here, for example, commentators or friendly/well-known bloggers are linked, often with dofollow, which is the standard for WordPress. This is a big problem because Google’s sidebar links are not very high-quality – so what about the blogroll?

If you want to introduce a blogroll, ie a recommendation from other websites, this should happen via a separate subpage. In this way, visitors are provided useful links, the sidebar is not pasted with external links and Google recognizes the topic of the own website quite well at the outgoing links of the blog page.

Sidebar links are not particularly important for a backlink profile and can be neglected in linkbuilding, as these are often organic.

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