Lesson 31: Videos – Website SEO Tutorial

Lesson 31: Videos – Website SEO Tutorial

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So to classify a video, titles, context and other conditions are used which relate to the page on which a video is found.

The Google video search can be quite suitable to lead visitors to a website, however, video SEO is much more difficult to control than image SEO. The single page on which the video is embedded should have sufficient textual material to allow the crawlers to better use the video. In addition, the video title should contain while images have a huge effect on many areas within the search engine optimization, videos are more appropriate for secondary SEO benefits. Videos can hardly be checked by Google for their content,  at least one keyword.

Is it worthwhile to bring videos on a website for the purpose of search engine optimization at all? Definitely yes! Because they can increase the dwell time on the website, which can be advantageous for the ranking. In addition, you can get video backlinks and satisfy your visitors.

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