Lesson 33: SEO WDF * IDF Formular – Website SEO Tutorial

Lesson 33: SEO WDF * IDF Formular – Website SEO Tutorial

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The WDF * IDF formula calculates the frequency, or frequency, of a keyword, term, or term within a document, and then sets it in relation to all other terms that appear on all the documents on a site. In this way, you can use this formula to determine how important a particular keyword or keyword is for a website as a whole.

The WDF stands for “within document frequency” and specifies the frequency of a keyword within a single page. The IDF stands for “inverse document frequency” and forms a counterpoint to the WDF. A logarithm is used in order not to increase the individual results to an immeasurable rate.

The importance of this formula for OnPage optimization is very controversial. Some SEOs consider WDF * IDF for the holy grail of search engine optimization, for others, the principle is obsolete and pointless since they prefer to write texts for visitors rather than for a curve/formula.

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