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Common tools for data analysis

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There are currently three mainstream data analysis languages: Python, R, and MATLAB. in:

  • Python has a rich and powerful library. It is often called a glue language. It can easily connect various modules (especially C/C++) made in other languages. It is an easier to learn and more rigorous programming. language;
  • The R language is a language and operating environment for statistical analysis and graphing. It belongs to a free, free and open source software of the GNU system;
  • The role of MATLAB is to perform matrix operations, draw functions and data, implement algorithms, create user interfaces, and connect programs in other programming languages. It is mainly used in engineering calculation, control design, signal processing and communication, image processing, signal detection, financial construction model design and analysis.

Data analysis can be performed in all three languages: Python, R, and MATLAB. Table 1 compares these three data analysis tools in five aspects: language learning difficulty, usage scenarios, third-party support, popular fields, and software costs.

data analysis toolPythonR languageMATLAB
Difficulty level of language learningUnified interface, smooth learning curveNumerous interfaces and steep learning curveLarge degrees of freedom and gentle learning curve
scenes to be usedData analysis, machine learning, matrix operations, scientific data visualization, digital image processing, web applications, web crawler, system operation and maintenance, etc.Statistical analysis, machine learning, scientific data visualization, etc.Matrix operations, numerical analysis, scientific data visualization, machine learning, digital image processing, digital signal processing, simulation, etc. 
Third Party SupportWith a large number of third-party libraries, it can easily call other programming languages ​​such as C, C++, Fortran, java, etc.Has a large number of packages capable of calling C, C++, Fortran, Java and other programming languagesHas a large number of professional toolboxes, and added support for C, C++, Java in the new version
popular fieldindustryeconomic circleacademia
software costopen source freeopen source freeCommercial charges

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