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Programming and programming languages

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python programming

Today, our lives are inseparable from computers. Writing texts, making PPT, playing video games, chatting on WhatsApp, shopping online, etc. are all inseparable from computers, and even various applications in mobile phones, such as WhatsApp, GPS navigation, etc., are also inseparable from the support of computers.

But have you ever wondered how computers can help us accomplish various tasks? In fact, computers are programmed to complete specific tasks.

A computer program (Program) is a set of instructions that a computer can recognize and execute, and run on an electronic computer to meet certain needs of people. To put it more bluntly, a computer program is a type of software, instructions written in a computer programming language that tell the computer how to perform a task step-by-step to achieve its final goal.

The process of writing a program to solve a specific problem using a computer programming language, through analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and other steps, is called programming. Therefore, in order to control the computer to realize various functions conveniently and quickly, we must learn programming. And to write program code, we must speak the language of the computer, and to do this, we first choose and learn a computer programming language.

The development of computer programming languages ​​has a history of several decades. During this period, programming languages ​​have experienced the process of developing from low-level languages ​​to high-level languages.

The low-level language and high-level language mentioned here do not refer to the function and level of the language, but also refer to the difference between the programming language and the human language:

  • Low-level languages ​​are closer to machine languages, which are easier for computers to understand and more difficult for humans to understand. This is a relatively low-level language.
  • And the syntax and expressions of high-level languages, which are closer to human’s own language, need to be converted into computer comparisons by something called compilers and interpreters (you can think of compilers and interpreters as translators) Easy-to-understand machine language before machines can execute.

Computer programs are written using programming languages ​​such as Python, C++, Ruby or JavaScript. These languages ​​allow us to “talk” to computers and issue commands to them.

For example, how do we train a dog? When we say “sit down,” it crouches; when we say “talk,” it barks twice. The dog understands these simple commands, but most of the other things you say it doesn’t understand. Similarly, computers have limitations, however, they do execute the instructions you issue in their language.

In this tutorial, we will learn the Python language, a simple yet powerful programming language. In the future, in high school and college, the Python language will be taught as an introductory course in computer science courses. Therefore, we can lay a better foundation for the future through our current study.