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Python Pygame – Chapter 10

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Python Pygame library icon

Pygame is a set of Python program modules for developing game software.

The Pygame module can draw a large number of animated or moving objects, and it provides functionality for creating games with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Allows us to draw graphics, animate and even create arcade-style games.

Note: Before using Pygame, you need to install it. To install Pygame, you can download it from the official website. Of course, you can also use pip to install it.

We also used the Pygame module to create a pinball game and a classic game – “Snake”. To create a game, first create a simple window. Next, it introduces how to draw various shapes on the screen, load pictures, create fonts, add sounds to programs, etc. We can also handle actions such as user key presses or mouse movements through “events”.

Learn the Python Pygame module, and you can also design and develop other games of your own choosing.