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The Python turtle module – Chapter 9

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Python turtle library icon

The turtle library is a very popular function library for drawing images in the Python language, commonly known as turtle drawing.

The turtle module provides some simple drawing tools to draw various graphics in standard application windows, the turtle module can create impressive visual effects with just a few lines of code, and can also follow the movement of the turtle Trajectory to see how each line of code affects its movement trajectory.

Note: The turtle library is a built-in library of Python and does not need to be installed.

We also use turtle module to draw a cartoon image of Peppa pig and robot cat. To draw cartoon images, we should first make a brief analysis of this program. Next, it describes how to import modules and set up brushes, which are necessary preparations before drawing with turtles. Then, the function of each function and its code for drawing the robot cat program will be introduced in turn, and the drawing effect will be shown.

Learn the Python turtle module, and you can also try to use turtle drawing to draw other patterns you like.