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Complete guide to all ChatGPT plugins (and how to use them)

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Complete guide to all ChatGPT plugins (and how to use them)

robort - 2023-06-06 13:41:29

Artificial intelligence is now revolutionizing the web, and development and new features have no intention of stopping. Users are increasingly interested in using artificial intelligence and it will soon become commonplace for everyone. ChatGPT is undoubtedly among the protagonists of the sector, one of the most famous chatbots based on artificial intelligence. 

ChatGPT was created to bring users closer to a more fluid and simple use of artificial intelligence.
For increasingly complete use of ChatGpt, plugins are officially implemented for the plus users of the chatbot. A plugin is a program that cannot work independently, but it is a support to other programs, in this case, ChatGPT, it expands and improves their functionality.

How to download a plugin on ChatGPT

The way people use the internet is being rewritten lately and the implementation of plugins on ChatGPT is the new understanding of artificial intelligence. 
Definitely, a revolution that splits users in two, dividing them between enthusiasm and fear. 
The plugins on ChatGPT manage to support the user and ChatGPT itself, reducing the time for actions on the web, which are often long and complex.

However, the use of artificial intelligence, both for personal and professional purposes, must be done with ethics and fairness.

gpt4 plugin

But here's how to download a plugin on ChatGPT-4, remembering that you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription :

  • Log in with your account on;
  • Go to the "Chatbot" section;
  • Select the chatbot;
  • Add the plugin;
  • Click on “Edit”;
  • Go to the "Plug in" tab;
  • Search for plugins, use the search bar or category filters;
  • Click on the "Download" button to start downloading the plugin;
  • Click on the "Install" button;
  • Use the plugin and take advantage of its additional functionality.

To manage the downloaded plugins, go back to the "Plug-ins" tab and click on the "Manage" button. From here deactivate, update, or delete plugins. The plugins to know and try are varied, but here's what they are, their purpose, and how to use them.

How to use plugins on ChatGPT

To use the plugins it is important to know them, to choose the most suitable and interesting plugins on ChatGPT, here are what they are.

gpt4 plugins install

Working as a team

Starting from Slack, the plugin that finds specific information previously shared, to avoid scrolling and searching through endless chats.
 You can query Slack, directly from ChatGPT, to find the information you need quickly and efficiently. The request can be through a prompt, a phrase, or a question that is used to start a conversation.

Continuing with Zapier which is able within ChatGPT to interact with different apps such as web applications, including the most popular ones for marketing, sales, project management, communication, and much more. This allows us to reduce and simplify the work.


Plan a trip with plugins on ChatGPT

Planning a trip can often be long and tedious, choosing websites, comparing flights and accommodations. Through Expedia, you can plan your trip, directly on ChatGPT, through specific requests, for example: "Book a hotel in Sicily" or "Find the cheapest round-trip flights to Sicily for July". 
So as to combine the information that helps you find the perfect trip on Expedia, based on your preferences, budget, and different needs.

Always for optimal planning of a trip, there is KAYAK. With the KAYAK plugin, you can plan and book your entire trip from flights, to hotels to car rental, directly within ChatGPT. 

Quick example: “Find the cheapest flight to Milan for next week”. Continuing with the weather plugin, another essential piece of information for a trip. Using the Weather Report plugin, you get quick access to up-to-date weather data for any city in seconds.

If your travel destination is Japan, Tablelog cannot be missing. Travelers in Japan can use the Tablelog plugin to find restaurants with real-time availability, making dining out more convenient and enjoyable.

Finally, a good dinner out cannot be missing on a trip, but not knowing the right places you can find yourself unprepared. But thanks to the Open Table plug-in it is possible, through requests, to obtain a restaurant and a reservation. Through very simple prompts such as "Find fish restaurants near me" or "Book at 21:00 for two at the Sulla Terrezza restaurant"

ChatGPT shopping plugin

Online shopping is loved by everyone, and there are millions of searches on the web every day. To date, with artificial intelligence, the purchase and search for a product or service can be simplified even more. 
With ChatGPT using the ShoppingKlarna plugin, you can get a complete picture of the best deal. Shopping Klarna is able to search and compare prices from thousands of online shops directly from ChatGPT. 

Example for a quick prompt: “Compare prices for Airpods” or “Find the cheapest online store for an iPhone 12 pro”. Another shopping plugin is Pricerunner, which allows you to get personalized purchase suggestions directly within ChatGPT, saving time and money.

Finally, for this category, there is Instacart which helps in ordering groceries from the nearest store. The Instacart plugin makes grocery shopping more convenient. Able to find the best offers of the product concerned in the shops closest to the request.

Work faster with ChatGPT plugins

Not only shopping and travel, plugins are also a support for work. For example to remember tasks and make lists. During the day there are many things to do, and often the lists are supportive, now in an even simpler way with the TODO plugin. 

The TODO plug-in, within ChatGPT, manages lists, remembers deadlines, and adds terms and other items to the list. Example request "Show me my tasks due today".

But it's not just time that's lacking, words are often lacking to write a perfect email. With the Send Email plugin, you can draft and send professional and effective emails directly within ChatGPT. For example, asking for a draft of a business email.

The FiscalNote plugin allows you to access datasets related to legislation, regulation, and court cases, directly within ChatGPT.

For developers using Qdrant, you can easily search its documentation directly on ChatGPT. This eliminates the need to browse multiple pages and helps developers find the information they need quickly.

Healthcare professionals looking for new opportunities can use the Vivian Health plugin. By simply indicating their job preferences, position, and specialty, they can get a list of suitable job opportunities in their desired area.

Data scientists and analysts often have to switch between different languages ​​and tools. With the Notable plugin, they can create notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown simplifying the analysis and visualization processes. For developers using the LangChain Python library, the plugin integration saves time and helps developers stay on track with their projects.

However, if you work with large volumes of documentation, the Zilliz plug-in allows you to search and interact with documents, saving time and increasing productivity. 
Wolfram is able to access calculations, mathematics, curated knowledge, and real-time data. Quick example: "Calculate the integral of x^2."

Researchers studying international relations or human rights can now access selected United Nations documents directly within ChatGPT using the United Nations plugin.

DesignerGPT generates a website, a useful feature for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a website, the DesignerGPT plugin allows them to generate a professional-looking website directly within ChatGPT. 

Kraftful is ideal for startups looking to adapt to the product market and scale their user base, this way you can gain insights and strategies within ChatGPT, thus accelerating growth. 
Finally, the One Word Domain plugin helps to come up with a catchy one-word domain name that best describes a business.


The making of art through plugins

  • Speechki, transform the text into audio, just ask ChatGPT to transform notes or memos into audio.
  • Figma through ChatGPT can generate ideas, compose and edit copies, summarize design contents, and edit styles.
  • CreatiCode is the plug-in that displays scratch programs as images and writes 2D/3D programs
  • Argil Ai generates images in ChatGPT, specifically generating images through a description.

Plugins for entertainment and family

Milo Family AI is ideal for families, using the Milo Family AI plugin, parents can plan engaging and educational activities for their children, all within ChatGPT.

If, on the other hand, the desire is to spend some leisure time, it is possible to play chess directly within ChatGPT using the Chess plugin. It's a great way to practice and improve chess skills with the friendly AI.

With the Algorithma plugin, users can simulate life scenarios, explore different outcomes and make real-life decisions, all within the immersive environment provided by ChatGPT.

Stay informed with ChatGPT plugins

Artificial intelligence is not only work but also entertainment and information. In fact, there are plugins that keep you updated on certain events without having to search multiple websites or apps. 
Among these NBA, through the prompts, you can quickly access the latest standings, team statistics, and news on your favorite players directly within ChatGPT

Tutors are essential for students and workers, thanks to Tutors you can access tutoring anytime, anywhereTutoring services can be accessed, prompt examples “ I need a tutor for”.  Yabble is the plugin that can design polls, collect data, and even perform initial data analysis, all within ChatGPT.

Zillow is support for those who are looking for a home. Able to search listings, view home details, compare prices, and even schedule viewings, all within ChatGPT, streamlining the home buying process. 
Also in the real estate field is Redfin, the plug-in that conducts comprehensive research on the real estate market. From price trends to neighborhood demographics.

But the purchase of an asset is not always personal, often one is interested in investing, and what better support than Portfoliopilot, the all-in-one investment guide. 
Portfoliopilot transforms ChatGPT into a personal investment advisor, providing investment information, learning about different investment strategies, and making financial decisions.

Leisure plugins

Shimmer tracks meals and you get healthier options. The Shimmer plugin allows users to manage their eating habits and make healthier choices without hassle. Food enthusiasts can also use the Tasty plugin to discover new recipes, plan meals, and even get personalized recommendations.

With the Giftwrap plugin, users can describe the person they want to gift and get recommendations for personalized gifts. They can even purchase the gift and arrange shipping, all within ChatGPT.

But the plug-in for four-legged friends is not missing either, in fact, Hauling Buddies is useful for finding pet transport services guaranteeing the pet's safety and comfort during transport.

Lowes, on the other hand, is the do-it-yourself plug-in, in fact, it is able to find the right tools and materials directly within ChatGPT. It will no longer be necessary to navigate through multiple websites, merge information and do a thousand searches. Lowes will be able to plan the search and merge the requested information. For example, researching a specific product or material costs to use for the project.

For fashion lovers, there is Vogue, a fashion plug-in that searches for items quickly and easily. For personal or professional use, Vogue may find the article relevant to you, and useful for the fashion enthusiast or Vogue reader. Instead of searching for the articles manually, it is possible to get the Vogue article directly within ChatGPT. 

Just ask the right question making fashion research more efficient and faster. To give an example, a possible direct request could be the following: "Find Vogue articles on color trends this summer"

Customize ChatGPT with plugins

DAN, changes the personality of ChatGPT, for a more personal interaction with ChatGPT, in fact, it is possible to make conversations more pleasant and personalized. For example, making it more fun or professional. Golden, on the other hand, is an artificial intelligence tool that can be customized to meet every need. For example by customizing ChatGPT to give priority to some news instead of others.

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